The Wrong Trousers

I think the biggest frustration right now for women is finding the right style trousers.  Especially if you’re curvy.  Curvy girls could always rely on the good old ‘boot cut’ for a hip-balancing shape but look in the stores and the favoured style is no longer so dominant.  Instead we have chinos, straight leg, cigarette pants, wide leg and of course the skinny (and super skinny).  But which trousers are best for each shape?

Curvy Girls

If you’re an hour glass, bottom heavy or oval you’re a curvy girl and basically, just keep things simple.  In the absence of wide choice of boot cut, look for straight leg trousers.  Avoid patterns & pockets unless you REALLY know what you’re doing as this will make it far easier to create the silhouette you desire.

Straight Girls

If you’ve got a straight up & down or top heavy shape, your frame is straight and therefore you have a wider choice when it comes to trousers.  Pleats at the waist add curves, wider legs balance broad shoulders and detailing around the hips will make you look more curvaceous.

And no matter your shape, if you’re petite then a tailor is your best friend!  To make life simple for yourself, keep trousers slim & simple and avoid too much fabric.

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