Colour Analysis Explained

You may have heard people referring to ‘getting their colours done’ by an image consultant or personal stylist and wondered what it is.  Colour Analysis is the best way to find out which colours are your most or least flattering, and is determined by looking at your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.  It’s usually done by draping different coloured fabrics around you and looking at which of those colours make your eyes sparkle or lighten your skin, and which colours cause shadows or sallowness or emphasise lines and wrinkles.






How Colour Analysis Works

There are two systems when working out an individuals colour palette – seasonal and tonal.  With seasonal colour analysis, you will be told you are either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.  With tonal seasonal analysis you will be told you are either Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear or Soft.  The image consultant will test whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, as well as looking at the depth and clarity of your hair and eye colour.  These 3 factors together allow the image consultant to determine your best colour palette.  They then confirm this by draping corresponding fabrics close to your face.

Does Colour Really Matter?

Yes.  We have all experienced wearing a colour which drains us and makes us looked washed out.  Similarly, and we probably notice this more on others than ourselves, there are some colours which just make our eyes pop and our skin glow.  Colour Analysis also helps us to understand how to coordinate colours by teaching us colour theory.

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What Is Colour Theory?

Tonal Colour Analysis uses Munsell’s Colour Theory.  In basic terms, Munsell depicted colours has having 3 characteristics – depth, undertone and chroma.  So every colour can be described as being light, mid or dark.  Every colour can also be described as having a blue, yellow or neutral undertone.  And each colour can also be described as being bright and vivid or soft and muted.





We then apply this theory to the overall look of an individual – we ask is this person mostly Warm?  Or mostly Bright? And so on.

What Are Colour Swatches?

During a 1:1 consultation, the image consultant or stylist might give you a swatch of colours from your palette.  Often they are little squares or rectangles of fabric in a wallet.  The cost of these swatches can be quite hight (£45) and is included in the cost of your consultation.  If your colour analysis session is done correctly, you don’t need the colour swatch as you will have been taught how to look for your best colours without matching them to your swatches, and within 6 months of having had your colours done your swatch should be obsolete anyway as you’ll be so  in tune with which colours are the best (or worst) for you.

Is A 1:1 Colour Analysis Appointment Worth The Money?

An important question, and one which is not easy to answer.  It is very rare for someone who feels stuck in a rut to only need to learn about colour.  Normally the questions of clothes, styles & shapes are equally important to colour, so having just a colour analysis session is really only giving you a part of the solution.  We suggest that if you feel unhappy with your current style or appearance, it’s better to book a complete session covering palette, profile and personality but with someone who has trained in colour analysis so that they can give you the full service.

How Do I Book A Personal Style Session?

First of all, get REALLY clear on what it is you wish to achieve.  Do you just want to know about colour, or do you want to know about hairstyles, body shape and what to wear for occasions.

Next, do you research,  You can google Personal Stylist or Image Consultant in your area.  This is YOUR money and time – don’t waste it on someone with the nicest looking website.  Look for testimonials, ask them about their services and what is included.  Also beware of any who call themselves Fashion Stylists as they are more skilled at advising on fashion and trends, rather than who suits what.

Booking a style consultation can be life changing – so take your time to make sure that you work with someone you really like and feel drawn to.

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