Skinny Jeans Here To Stay

They’ve been around for a few years now and they don’t show any sign of leaving us.  The good news is that with this trend for youngsters to wear high waisted trousers, our skinny jeans are no longer squashing our hips and causing muffin tops.

But how exactly can we wear skinny jeans, especially if we’re not skinny?

Tonal Leg Line







Wearing the same colour shoe as your trousers or jeans can make legs look longer and therefore slimmer.  It’s a neat trick and works for all kinds of outfits.  Try using the same principle with skirts & tights/stockings.

Attention Up Top







If you’re not so happy about your legs/thighs/bum then take the eyeliner away from this area by wearing something eye catching elsewhere.  Quick wins include a bright, stripe T (always a favourite here at PB HQ), coloured shoes and other brightly coloured accessories.

Balancing Boots







When it comes to a seek silhouette, the key is balance.  If you have wider hips, wear boots OVER your skinny jeans to make your hips look narrower.  You can use this trick with leggings too!

Waistcoats In A Cinch







A waistcoat is one of those timeless classics and they’ve had an update.  Wear a longline waistcoat, open, over a simple white T for an instantly stylish look.

Got a way to wear skinny jeans of your own?  Please comment below – sharing really IS caring!

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