Red is the colour of romance. The colour of love. And it’s the perfect colour to wear this Valentine’s Day, whatever you have planned.

If the Coca-Cola shade makes you nervous, don’t panic; you don’t have to deck yourself head to toe in red, unless you want to, and if you’re thinking, “I can’t wear red,” read on to understand why that’s just not true.

Think of all the red descriptors – cherry-red, rose-red, ruby-red – all very different, but all most definitely red. There are hundreds of them! Just think a little beyond pillar-box and you’ll find something.

We talk a lot about finding the right shade for your skin tone, and once you know the colour basis, you’ll understand where to start looking. And if you’re still thinking, “I can’t wear red, it’s just too punchy/aggressive/confident/any of the other things people associate with red,” there’s no need to wear any colour head to toe.


Reconsider the little black dress you always choose for a night out, and opt instead for red. Be the Lady in Red with this beautiful tomato dress with cute ruffle details, £80 from Boden. Team it with nude heels and simple jewellery for a classy, elegant look.



Valentine’s Day is all about love, and we love these Louboutins in Flamenco! The vertiginous heel won’t be for everyone, but the gorgeous patent leather is so beautiful, we’re tempted just to have some to look at. And stroke occasionally. They come with a £495 price tag, so they are an investment, but they’re timeless, and we can’t think of many accessories that will make you feel so fiery as soon as put them on.



This beautiful bucket bag from New Look is just £15.99 and has plenty of space for your everyday essentials. The burgundy berry colour is an easy way to wear red for those who aren’t so comfortable with a more traditional scarlet red, and the suedette panel adds extra interest. It’s so useful, you might find you use it all the time!


Many of us have a favourite go-to lipstick, the sort of thing that makes you feel naked if you leave the house without it. If you have a dramatic personality, try a bold shade like NARS Dragon Girl, a known favourite of Taylor Swift. It’s a long-lasting colour for day or evening wear – dress it up or down.



Perhaps your lips and your top half feels too bold to wear a bright colour; there are plenty of red trousers around! Take this scarlet pair from Dorothy Perkins; super versatile, they’ll take you straight from work to Date Night.

Wrap things up

It’s still chilly out there in February, so be sure to stay warm. Faux fur is everywhere at the moment, and it’s a sure-fire way to add some romance to your outfit this Valentine’s Day, figuratively and literally. This wrap is £120 at John Lewis. And in the berry colour, it’s easy to wear the whole season long.


So, add a splash of the most romantic colour this Valentine’s Day, and have fun!

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