Unexpected things I miss about the UK.

In no particular order…


Radio 2

Yes – quite. Not so much all the presenters, more the tone and vibe of the station. No adverts. Polite conversation. A bit of silliness. A good range of (gentle) music. This makes me feel older than I care to admit!

Sausage Rolls

Of course you can buy sausage rolls here but they aren’t the same. You would see 4 very happy faces if you presented us with a 4 pack from Greggs! I had a go at making my own – used to love them in the UK. Again, just
not the same.

Cold rain

I realise people might think I’m bonkers but my body hasn’t adapted yet to the fact that when it rains, you don’t need to layer up. The rain here tends to either be a light vapour or torrential, soaking downpour. Neither last very long.

Cold Christmas

Whilst we’re on the subject of weather, it’s discombobulating having all the Christmas things – giant baubles, decorated trees, Santa in the shopping centre – in 40 degree heat with bright sunshine. It’s just… wrong. And E keeps asking when it will snow because obviously Santa doesn’t come until it snows!

Tesco Apple & Blackcurrant Squash

OK so I don’t miss this myself personally – can’t stand squash anymore after a week-long all-inclusive holiday in Spain where we only drank beer! But my kids miss it. Squash/cordial is very sweet here and Apple & Blackcurrant isn’t a popular flavour. I have actually asked my In-Laws to post some… Oh yes I have!

Next Day Delivery

It’s just not a thing. I guess because the country is so vast it’s impossible? Even Amazon Prime can only get stuff to you in a few days. It’s making Christmas interesting. And teaching us that next year we really DO need to be organised!


Early on we found Tetley Extra Strong tea bags. They are OK but they aren’t quite strong enough. When Stuart was away I used two bags per cup and that was better. Maybe lose leaf tea is the way forward but I fear I am too lazy and will just get used to this sub-standard version.


Actually the variety of crisps. There are fewer options here – lots of things just don’t exist. Crappy kid things like Skips and Wotsits. Also the packet colours are all wrong. Pink – Salt & Vinegar. Blue – Ready Salted. Green – Chicken. Yellow – Cheese & Onion.


That thing you can’t quite explain. Feeling like you know and belong somewhere. Predictablity. Comfort. Intimacy with friends and surroundings. Driving from A to B with no recollection of the journey. Knowing where to buy plastic dinosaurs for less than a fiver for a birthday cake. Smells and sounds.
What would you miss about your home if you moved away, do you think?