So you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a list – but here are the two biggest list mistakes I see small business owners make.

1.  Not doing anything to actually grow the list

2.  Not communicating with the list


The Value of the List

If you’ve learned anything about marketing, you’ll know that your list is VERY important.  It is your quickest and easiest way to make a sale.  Because your list consists of people who have bought from you in the past (and so more likely to buy again).  And people who are interested in what you do.  We know they’re interested because they signed up!

So in your business, your list is probably your most valuable asset.


Where It Goes Wrong

But I see it all the time – the business either does nothing to grow the list. Or they don’t keep in touch with the list.

The result?  A dead list.

They’ve either already bought everything they’re going to buy.  They don’t get offered to buy anything.  Or they get pissed off that the only emails they get are sales ones.

Growing Your List

Adding new people to your list should be high priority in your business.  And much of it can be automated.  Opt-ins on your website.  Links to your lead magnet in your Social media profiles.  You know the sort of thing.

When I was a Personal Stylist, I used to do free 15 minute consultations.  At the end, I’d offer them a free colour swatch.  They gave me their email address, I sent them a PDF.  I grew my list pretty quickly and I had to manually add all those email addresses!  But it worked!

If you’re not growing your list, you’re shrinking your list.  


Communicating With Your List

It makes sense to keep in touch with your list.  ESPECIALLY if you are a solo business offering a service. 

Are there rules as to how frequent?  Probably.  If you buy into all that.  But if you’re not regularly sending emails to your list, then just start now.  Send email right now telling people what you’ve been up to this week or for the past few months.  Ask them how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to.

If you make it a regular practise, you’ll do well.  And sure there are stats that will tell you open rates based on time of day and day of week to send your emails.  But it’s a numbers game.  If you’ve got 346 people on your list, there is no gurantee as to when those people will read their email.  So just send an email.


Just Go Do

I guarantee you wont be alone in making these two biggest list mistakes.  Hell, I’ve done it myself.  And you can spend ages thinking about it, planning it, refining it.  But in the end, the only way to get it doen is to Just Go Do.