One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Personal Style is “How do I stop looking frumpy?” and the truth is, it’ much easier than you might think.  We’re all guilty of being a bit lazy, taking the path of least resistance and saying “Sod it, that’ll do” and not realising how frumpy this makes us look.

So here are the top 3 ways you can look FRUMPY instantly.  You might want to avoid them…

Wearing Running Trainers 





Let’s be honest, running trainers are for RUNNING.  So unless that’s what you’re doing, don’t wear them.  Daily I see women in the supermarket who have ruined a perfectly acceptable outfit by sticking on some skanky old trainers.  Instead, look for something like Vans or Adidas Gazelles.  They look much smarter.  But also make sure the rest of your outfit is appropriately casual.  A ballgown will look stupid with even the smartest trainers!

Polo Shirts





If you MUST wear a Polo Shirt, like when you’re playing polo for example, get a fitted one.  No matter what size or body shape you are, you will ALWAYS look better in a shaped, fitted polo shirt.  And if you’re not sure of your best colours, choose one in navy, turquoise or purple.  Better still, head on over to Kettlewell and invest in some nicer tops.  Avoid ruby tops while you’re at it.








The quickest way to look frumpy is to leave your hair to grow and stop going to the hairdresser.  Or keeping the same style (and sometimes hairdresser) for more than 5 years.  Your is your crown – look after it and wear it with pride.  Find a good stylist and make regular appointments getting your hair cut into a style, rather than asking for a trim!

Over to you.  What makes women look frumpy?  Comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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