Did you know there’s a colour for every personality type?  And did you know they create an instant, subconscious reaction in all of us?  It’s TRUE!

Colour is a powerful tool when it comes to communicating and sending a message. So it’s really smart taking some time to understand the thinking behind colour BEFORE you record your YouTube videos, meet with a client, or interview a prospective employee!

Choosing the right shade to wear starts with you. But what’s most important is that it ends with what you want to achieve!  You can influence a person’s reaction to you and improve your ability to connect and build relationships.

So let’s discover what these subconscious reactions to colour are all about.  Ready? Great!


Meaning: Clear, Elegant, Timeless, Simple, Strong

Shades of white

Everyone needs white in their palette and there are shades to suit everyone.  White represents purity and freshness, innocence and simplicity.

Use white to contrast with other colours in your palette.


Trust , Strength, Dependable, Intelligent, Loyal

Shades of blue

The colour of logic, blue activates the mind.  It conveys trust, peace and order. Blue communicates trustworthiness which is why so many uniforms are blue. 

There are so many shades to choose from – dark blues and navies should be ‘staples’ whilst shades such as sapphire and cornflower are accents.


Authority, Tradition, Bold, Elegant, Timeless


Black is all about authority and assertiveness.  It is also incredibly boring and ‘expected’.

Mix with bright, daring colours to show your personality – red for passion and authority, purple for creativity, lime green to reveal fun!


Youth, Passion, Excitement, Danger, Action

Shades of red

Red equals energy – wear it and you will feel confident and in control. 

There are many shades to choose from – from raspberry to tomato. But make sure you get the right undertone for you or you will look overpowered by red.


Happy, Fun, Friendly, Optimism, Warmth

Shades of yellow

From mustard to lemon, yellow is friendly, happy and approachable. 

It is also the most visible colour in the spectrum which means you will ALWAYS get noticed and attract attention when wearing yellow!


Energy, Friendly, Creative, Confident, Action

Shades of orange

Love it or hate it, orange is terrific ESPECIALLY if you work in a creative industry.  It’s positive and confident and creates a feeling of warmth, fun and happiness.

Avoid orange if you have a cool skin tone.


Growth, Peace, Trust, Energy, Life

Shades of green

Think leaves and grass – green communicates a sense of calm and reassurance.  Wearing green shows creativity and imagination.

Shades of green are numerous – yellow greens, sea greens, blue greens… Lots to choose from!


Feminine, Gentle, Compassion, Delicate, Subtle

Shades of pink

Wearing pink suggests empathy and understanding, gentleness and femininity.  It’s great to wear on ‘off days’ as it instantly ‘lifts’.

Pink doesn’t always have to be subtle however – hot pink, fuchsia and cyclamen are strong and powerful.


Creative, Sensitive, Fun, Interesting, Non-conformist

Shades of purple

From damsons to Cadbury’s to icy violets, there is a purple to suit everyone. 

It’s more exciting than navy and black but ensure that the creative signal doesn’t compromise a situation where you wish to conform.

The secret language of colour is fascinating – I even met someone who feels sick every time they see the colour yellow! Have a go and experiment with how colours affect how you feel, and how others react to you!

And if you want to know more about your personal colouring, read about how colour analysis works here.