Do you like handbags?  I’ve only REALLY started to appreciate them later in life now that I understand what to look for when choosing a bag.  You see, in the past I’ve always looked a bit awkward carrying a handbag but never knew why.

Well.  It’s all about this little thing called SCALE.

Some people are PETITE in scale.  Some are AVERAGE.  And some are GRANDE in scale.  And it’s THIS that determines what SIZE handbag looks right and which looks awkward.







And how do you know?

The quickest guide is by following your shoe size:

UK 4 or less – PETITE
UK 5 – 6 – AVERAGE
UK 7 or above – GRANDE

Looking at these lovely M&S handbags, which do you think I am, Petite, Average or Grande?

And which are you?

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