It’s been 13 weeks since we emigrated.

In that time, we’ve started school, enrolled at Kindy, bought a boat, moved house, performed in a show, participated in a team triathlon, volunteered and moved house.

We’ve also cried, panicked, spent money on the wrong visas and discovered there isn’t a good Indian takeaway on the Island.

A lot can happen in 13 weeks.

But what was it made us come here in the first place? It’s time to start at the beginning…
Stuart has Australian Citizenship because he lived here as a child for 5 years. Moving to Oz has always been an option for us and something we said we’d think about ‘in 5 years time’. We said this for 14 years! I think subconsciously we probably waited until his elder sons were old enough that they had started their own adult lives, and could choose if they wanted to come with us.
It was back in 2016 we decided to FINALLY book a trip Down Under and spent 3 weeks visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Bribie Island and Hervey Bay.
I’ll be honest – I wasn’t so keen on Sydney.
But Brisbane?
What a beautiful city!
It’s so clean & bright – and it has an energy to it that I loved.
This set the tone for the rest of our holiday and I knew that yes, I wanted to move and experience the adventure.
Because of Stuart’s work – corporate job – our first plan was to move to Brisbane and enjoy city life. A shorter commute (he was driving a 3 hour round trip in the UK) and a thriving city centre with a certain lifestyle were appealing to us.
So that’s where it all began really. Seeing a different way to live and wanting that for ourselves and our boys.
We knew we didn’t want to go straight away – Stuart had some things he wanted to achieve. We needed to finish refurbishing our house. We needed some savings etc etc. So we provisionally decided on 2019 as the year we would do it.
And now here we are. But not in Brisbane as we first thought!