So why Bribie Island, and not Brisbane?

2 1/2 years is a long time to think about things. And one of the things we thought about was how, actually, we weren’t really living the kind of life we wanted.

Stuart was overworked – travelling at least 3 hours each day just to get to the office and back. Lots of travel to other locations, and once a ridiculous 5 day trip from London to New York to Florida to Washington to Canada and finally back to London.

We hardly saw each other.
He hardly saw the kids.
And weekends were constantly spent catching up on boring chores instead of fun, family time.

I felt unfulfilled.

Having to manage pretty much all aspects of our household and our kids left little time for anything else. Not because I didn’t have time – I had so many long, lonely , boring hours. But because I had the kids with me.

I couldn’t commit to creating a serious business and instead chose to freelance.
I couldn’t go the gym or dance classes because I never knew when Stuart would be away.
And it got to the point where he would be away overnight at least once each week.
So the idea of living in a city, where Stuart still had that kind of job, and we had to get in a car and drive to the beach/outdoors?
It no longer appealed.
We wanted more balance.
Equal responsibility for the kids, the household and earning money.
We wanted to spend more time together.
And we wanted to spend more time outside.
Particularly on the beach.
As we had been to Bribie Island on holiday, it made sense to head there and see what happened.
From my point of view, it was a good trade from living in Yeovil.
Small enough to feel like an English town.
A community to be part of.
2 primary schools with over 1000 pupils in each.
A secondary school.
Cafes and bars.
Sports and recreation for all ages.
We basically designed our lifestyle. It’s an interesting exercise. You get to think about what you really want from life, and of course, what you DON’T want.
Turns out our wants are really simple. No different from anyone else when you break it down.
So that’s how come we headed for Bribie Island. A beautiful sand island just North of Brisbane, connected by a road bridge, and surrounded by beautiful beaches. It’s a magical place!