Is your attitude killing your business?

Like, do you actually SUCK the positive out of anything?

In my opinion, if you believe business is hard and you’re never gonna make a lot of money… you’re probably right.

And if you believe you create a great business and make more than enough money… you’re probably right.

I spoke to a shop owner today. A well-established business, years of experience, great position.





Brexit had ruined this business.

In this day and age, people just don’t buy like they used to.

People just won’t pay more and they don’t understand how much the costs and overheads are.

I was really starting to feel sad about this lovely little shop, and and worried how the shop owner would survive much longer.

And we talked some more…

It soon became apparent that in actual fact, this particular shop owner was unintentionally turning business away or reducing the potential spend of customers because they feel sorry for youngsters.

Youngsters are all poor and can’t afford their own houses.

So when they go to this particular shop, they get talked out of spending money by the owner.


But here’s the thing. We’re all guilty of this kind of sabotage to some extent. And I believe a lot of this negative thinking comes from what are commonly referred to as ‘money blocks’.

Essentially, your own limiting beliefs around money – how much you are worth, how much your products/services are worth, how much people are willing to spend.

There’s a really great book I recommend – Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas.

And aside from that, next time you think your business is failing or it’s all too difficult, take a moment to stop and ask if that’s really true, or are you being a Negative Nancy?

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