Dermaplaning – What It’s REALLY Like

Increasing in popularity, dermaplaning is a treatment you can have to remove dead skin cells and the fine, small hairs (peach fuzz) to leave your face looking fresher, smoother, brighter and more youthful.  It has proven to be an incredibly popular treatment with models and actresses as make up can be applied with a better finish.

But what does it really involve and is it worth it?  Here’s what you can expect should you choose to book an appointment.

Step 1 – The Face Is Cleansed & Dried







Step 2 – A Surgical Blade Gently Exfoliates The Skin







Step 3 – A Deep Penetrating Moisturising Mask Is Applied







Step 4 – The Results Speak For Themselves













Things to be aware of – you cannot have any waxing 48 hours before or after the treatment, make up should be avoided for at least 24 hours unless it is mineral-based.

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