The Right Stripes

It’s #FashionFixFriday and today we’re answering that classic question – Can I Wear Stripes?  The quick answer is YES.  Anyone can wear stripes.  But not all stripes are equal.  So I popped into good old Marks & Spencer this morning to show you exactly what I mean…

The Facts

All tops are a size 12 from M&S.  I’m 152cm tall and my scale is petite.  I have a dramatic style personality and my colouring is Clear (tonal) or Winter (seasonal)

Medium Black On White

This top is white with a medium width black stripe.  The proportions aren’t bad on me at all, but weirdly it has a peplum frill (not shown) and wide arms, as is the current trend.  So the proportions of this stripe top work for me and my physical attributes.

Bold Black & White

Very odd frill dateline the sleeve – not a flattering top for me.  The stripes are overwhelming for me in this combination, because the bold black stripe has a further stripe border on either side.  It’s just too big for my frame.  And seriously, what is with that frill????

Equal Small Pink & White

The fact that this is a vest is the worst thing about this top.  The stripes are pretty good for my frame, and the pink/white contrast works well with my colouring.  Not bad, though I wouldn’t buy it because I’m not a fan of vest tops.

Small Black on White

This is a white top with a small black stripe, so it looks like it has bolder white stripes.  I particularly like the black collar as it finishes off the top nicely.  The stripes are just a bit too small for me.

Equal Broad Black & White

This is my favourite. Technically the stripes are little large for my frame, but the contrast and the boldness fit with my colouring and style personality.  The lower neckline is also flattering for a larger bust.

Equal Very Small Black & White

I like the V-neck, but the stripes are so small that all contrast is lost which just isn’t great for a clear/winter and much better suited to someone with softer colouring.  I also felt much larger in this top that most of the others.


So when you’re out looking for a stripe top, it’s important to try a couple of variations and understand that what looks good on the mannequin or your friend, won’t necessarily be as flattering for you.  Your height and scale are the most important aspects to consider so don’t get hung up if a top makes you look bigger than you are.

In fairness, I think all the tops are little big for me which has made me very happy as it proves my new SHIFT 12 Week Transformation Programme is working!

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