Step 1 – Know Your Colours


You will never look good wearing a colour that doesn’t suit you.  Colour is so important. Yet we get so many mixed messages about what to wear, we rarely know a good colour from a bad one. So we end up sticking to the same old, same old and it’s usually BLACK!


A very quick rule of thumb is if you have light, blond hair you will suit lighter colours. If you have dark hair you will suit dark colours. And if you have mid-brown to mid-blond hair, usually with highlights, you will suit soft, muted colours the best. 

And if you really don’t know, it’s worth looking at getting your own Personal Colour Analysis done – it’s life changing!



Step 2 – Make A Statement


Choose one thing you really love.  This could be a fabulous handbag. A killer pair of heels. A bright red lipstick. Or a stunning scarf.

Just choose something you really really feel confident in, and make it the focal point of your outfit.


Step 3 – Choose Your View


Dress as you want to be seen.  Seriously. Make a list of words you’d like people to use to describe you and build your appearance round it.

Are you professional? Serious? Quirky? Conservative? Upward bound? Creative?

 Your Image is your Brand and you should look like the product you sell.  Would you buy an expensive car from a man in a rubbish suit and dirty tie?


Step 4 – Sew & Sew


Get friendly with a tailor or seamstress.  Off the peg clothes are so all over the place when it comes to sizes, always consider getting your garments altered professionally to fit you properly.


You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes to your silhouette and consequently your confidence.


Step 5 – Sort It Out

Throw away all your bad clothes.  All those torn, tatty, over-worn, too small, too big, faded, ugly items.

Just get rid of them.


Go on.

They do not make you look good no matter how comfortable they are.  If they aren’t there in your wardrobe, you wont be able to wear them when there’s nothing else clean so out they go.

If you want to be comfortable at home wear pyjamas. But don’t go out in them OK?



Step 6 – Dib Dib Dib!


Be prepared!  Nope, we’re not talking knots, compasses and ten pence pieces.

We’re talking sensible, practical stuff for you and your everyday wear.

If you love wearing heels but have to walk a lot at work, invest in a good pair of comfortable but smart flats.  And buy a handbag big enough to fit them in if you don’t have a locker at work! 😉


Step 7 – Top To Toe


Never Under-dress.

Even if you are the most laid-back Charlie ever to have walked the Earth. 

You can still smarten up jeans and Converse by choosing a good quality pair of solid-coloured jeans and adding a tailored jacket.