18th February 2020 was a big day for us.

First up, it was our 13th wedding anniversary.

It was also exactly 6 months since we arrived in Austrlia.

And (felt like Christmas!) our boxes FINALLY arrived from England!!!!!!!!!

It was a Tuesday, so my morning was spent working in the canteen at the school.  When I first arrived here, I decided to volunteer at the school as a way of creating a new routine and the canteen needed helpers.

By 11.30am I was finished and ready to go for lunch at the Sandstone Point Hotel which is considered the ‘posh’ place to go, and is just over the bridge from Bribie.

We did have a lovely lunch and it was super nice having some time together without the kids and not just doing chores.

 The hotel is huge – but then everywhere here seems to be huge.  There doesn’t seem to be any small, cosy, intimate places.  Big beautiful!

Possibly the thing we were MOST excited about was the arrival of our boxes from the UK.

Despite extensive research into who to use to ship our belongings, we got ripped off by a company who knew they were about to go into administration.  Basically, even though we paid them and our boxes were collected, they never got shipped.

In fact, it was only after we’d been here 3 months that we found out that our boxes were still in England.  We had a couple of days of not knowing WHERE they were.

Thankfully, it was Pickfords to the rescue.  They collected our boxes from the depot and sent them as soon as they could but it still took another 12 weeks and then a few weeks at port getting checked.

So 6 months living in a new country – that’s kind of a big deal.  There are many things that are exactly the same.  You still go the supermarket, the kids still go to school, you still have a bed to sleep in and yes, it still bloody rains.

But there are so many things that are different.  And it’s the little things that hit you most.  Not knowing how to make an appointment with a GP.  Does gravy browning exist and who can I ask?  Your favourite cafe isn’t here and you realise you might never have another maple & pecan twist.

The question is – do I have any regrets about selling everything and moving halfway across the world in the hope of having a better quality of life?

Not so far!