About YOU

You have an amazing idea, an incredible vision, and you see so many people out there doing their thing so why can’t you?

There’s no reason why.  But if you’re stuck, not sure how to get seen or heard, need help with your marketing or just need someone to make sense of the jumble that would become your MAGNIFICENT business if only you could get it out of your head and into the world then I can help.

Pinky Promise

You might call it creative thinking.  Big Picture thinking.  Marketing expertise.  Business consultancy.  Whatever!  The label doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I have a gift for understanding what you want to achieve and exactly HOW to make that happen.  That’s my pinky promise to you.

All my working life this is what I’ve done for colleges, IT support companies, construction companies, dance schools, personal stylists, fitness instructors, print shops, beauty salons and goodness know who or what else.  It’s what I do.

And my BIG pinky promise is this.  I absolutely GUARANTEE results.  Because I do indeed see the big picture but I also see all the individual components, how they work and how they interact.  And it’s this skill that means I can help you create YOUR dream business.

Our Latest Posts:

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How Are You Gonna Finish? If you're in business, or thinking of starting one, one of the most important questions is this - "How are you going to finish?" Or in business-speak... "What's your exit strategy?" What's the plan? This vision? The long term goal? Starting...

Mum’s Compromises

I saw this, this morning. It clearly caught my eye because I’m a Mum and because last night I was thinking about all the compromises I feel forced to make. When I say forced, I don’t mean by my husband or any external ‘thing’ or person. I am forced by lack of...

Is Your Attitude Killing Your Business?

Is your attitude killing your business? Like, do you actually SUCK the positive out of anything? In my opinion, if you believe business is hard and you're never gonna make a lot of money... you're probably right. And if you believe you create a great business and make...

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